A Deal on a Tasco 3 MP Trail Camera

I saw a deal tonight that was a little too good to be passing up. So I just placed my order for a Tasco 3 MP trail camera, model 119203c. I bought this scouting camera, not because I'm a big fan of Tasco, but because of the price. I found it for $39.95. I can always use another game camera in the woods, and to pick this up for 65% off the original retail price ultimately had me pulling the trigger on this purchase.
I don't know how long they will be available at this price, so my apologies if you missed the deal.

Here is a link to it which should show you the current price.

Once I receive this game camera, I'll get it in the field for some testing and have a personal review up on it soon.
The Tasco 3 MP trail camera operates at two resolutions; 1.3MP low res or 3MP hi res. It is a full color camera that uses a Xenon flash that has a 30 ft range. Not bad for a low cost game cam. The passive infrared sensor has a detection range of up to 30 feet as well.

It has a black and white LCD display, and runs off of 4 D cell batteries. The battery life is 90 days. I can tell you that I have definitely paid more for game cameras with shorter battery life than this. Battery life is one area that I am definitely sensitive to due to the number of scouting cameras I operate. Replacement batteries result in an added expense that I definitely like avoiding with longer life cams.

The Tasco model 119203C will also record AVI videos that are 15 seconds in length. It is good that it accepts a 2 GB SD memory card, so image and video capacity shouldn't be an issue. It will also do the date, time, and moon phase stamping on every image.

Tasco claims this this game camera has a quick trigger, but I'll let my field tests be the judge of that. At this price, even if the trigger is slow and I have to make this a feeder cam, I think I'll still be satisfied with my purchase.
The Tasco 3 MP is rated pretty well by previous customers. Out of 15 reviews, there were two 5 star ratings, six 4 star ratings, five 3 star ratings, a single 2 star rating, and a single 1 star rating. People can be pretty rough on game camera reviews, so to have only 2 out of 15 people giving below average ratings I feel pretty comfortable with my purchase. I'll add my review to the Amazon site once I've had a chance to test it.

If you own this game camera, then I'd like to hear what you think about it below.

Thanks and good luck!

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  1. James Means says:

    Not a bad camera for $40.00. I’ve spent a lot more on other game cameras that I have been less pleased with. It is definitely not high end, but performs better than a $40.00 camera.


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