Cellular Game Cameras

Cellular Game Cameras

Cellular Game Cameras

Moultrie has done it again ... They have announced an exciting new product called the Game Spy Game Management System. This new technology will allow you to access your remote game cameras via a cellular network and the Internet. You can now check the pictures on your digital game cameras from the comfort and warmth of your own home.

This Game Management System will be compatible with four of Moultrie's scouting cameras; the infared Game Spy I-45 and I-65, and the Game Spy M-45 and M-65.  These models are completely redesigned with a new look.  They have a communications port on the bottom of the camera, which connects to the Game Spy Connect.  These new cameras will feature quick trigger times and long battery life, and will be available at retail prices ranging from $279.00 - $379.00,

There are many benefits to using the Cellular Modem technology. You can check your game camera images without disturbing your hunting area. Each time you enter the woods to check your trail cam, you can potentially spook game in the area, and you also run the risk of leaving human scent on your camera and the trails while walking in and out. Depending upon how far away your hunting land is, the gas savings alone may make the Game Spy Connect an attractive option. The GPS Game Spy Connect will retail for $149.00.  Through the cellular modem, which connects via AT&T's cellular network, you will have the ability to:

  • Transmit your images wirelessly
  • Adjust your game camera's configuration settings
  • Check the status of your batteries

Moultrie's Game Management website offers subscriptions starting at $29.99 monthly.  This plan allows you to transfer approximately 238 images per month.  The plan features some cost saving measures that allow you to send your plan into an 'inactive' state for a few months out of the year.  Access to this complete management system gives its members a private web page to manage photos and their cameras from anywhere in the world via the Internet.  You will have access to satellite maps of your property, showing the exact location of your cameras.  You can even access your account via your cell phone or smart phone.

It is truely amazing how Moultrie has brought technology into the woods and used the Internet to give hunters both convenience and a serious edge for the upcoming season.  We will be looking forward to testing this new offering from Moultrie.

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