Cuddeback Capture Trail Camera Pictures

Hey, I was sorting through some memory cards that I pulled from some of my game cameras near the end of last season that I neglected to check.  I just threw the images from my Cuddeback Capture into a video and posted it up on YouTube.  You can watch it below.

You can see that I have a bit of a coyote problem out here.  I have been seeing them very regularly, so I think I may need to do a bit of predator hunting this year.  I've taken a number of coyotes when the opportunity has presented itself, but I have never specifically gone out hunting for them.  If you have any good tips for hunting coyotes, drop me a comment below.

I had recently brought all of my cameras home to do a good clean up on them before putting the back out for the rest of the season.  I am seeing a lot of good sign already, so I hope to have some pictures of some bruisers coming in soon.


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