Cuddeback Serial Number

I've received a lot of questions recently asking where to find the serial number on the Cuddeback Capture and Cuddeback Capture IR. Cuddeback's recent rebate offering of a $25.00 rebate on the Capture and a $50.00 rebate on the Capture IR obviously have people taking advantage of it.
I searched for it for a few seconds on my own Cuddeback Capture, before I realized that I had hidden the serial number. You should be able to find your unit's serial number in the left battery tube. Yup, you will have to take your batteries out to find it if you already have the installed.
See the picture below for the exact location. And make sure you read the directions on the rebate form and fill it out to a "T". I've heard from a couple of people who were denied due to errors. But Cuddeback was gracious enough to give them another shot at it.

Cuddeback Serial Number

Cuddeback Serial Number

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  1. Bonita Raley says:

    Thank you so much. We were notified that we did not send it. Thanks to your picture, we found it. They don’t make anything easy.

  2. tammy says:

    glad i found this posting. cuddeback gave misinformation on their warranty card regarding location of serial number.

  3. Glad to help. You aren’t alone in having trouble finding the serial number. I had trouble finding it myself. It was a little easier to spot when I removed the batteries that were covering it up. 😉

  4. Tim says:

    On the number 2 on the rebate it says original proof of purchase of packaging – number 5 says include copy or original of cash register receipt. What is the difference and where is 2?

  5. The proof of purchase is a rebate sticker on the package. It is circular and yellow on the Cuddeback Capture and red on the Cuddeback Capture IR package. It should say “Proof of Purchase” on the bottom of it. My proof of purchase sticker was missing on the last Capture that I purchased, but I called Cuddeback at (920) 347-3810, gave them the serial number from my camera and the purchase information, and they mail131913191319ed another one out to me. They were great about it.

  6. jeff burnett says:

    where do you find the rebate card

  7. You can find a printable rebate form on this web page:

    Thanks and good luck.

  8. stumpy says:

    Thanks so much for thinkin of others and posting this information. To bad Cudde Back didn’t.


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