Cuddeback TheftStop Plus

Lock it or Lose it

Lock it or Lose it

I love the added features that premium game camera manufacturers add to their systems.  One of my favorite though, is the TheftStop Plus features that Cuddeback game cameras provide.  You will find this feature on the Cuddeback NoFlash, and Cuddeback Expert.  When I look at useful features like this, I wonder why every game camera manufacturer isn't following suit and adding similar capabilities.

Any game camera thief that knows their Cuddeback cameras should know enough that it isn't worth trying to steal one.  TheftStop plus is a security system for Cuddeback cameras.  It provides password protection, and writes your name and phone number into the electronics of the camera.  The text that you program into the camera is embedded on each image that the camera captures.

Cuddeback cameras feature a system of two passwords.  One is the owner's password, and another one is the lock password.  The lock password can be given to a guest or friend so they can use your camera without knowing the owner password.  The guest password provides limited access, and does not allow the personalize information or passwords to be modified by the guest.

By default, the lock password is set to all zeros on new Cuddeback cameras.  When set to all zeros, the camera does not lock, and you are not required to enter a password to use the camera.  I highly recommend that you set a unique lock password, to ensure that it cannot be used by people unknown to you.

If every game camera manufacturer used electronic security on their digital game cameras, then game camera theft might cease to be an issue.  Until then, I'll keep buying security boxes and security cables to secure my investments.  I've had a game camera stolen in the past.  As the new technology increases the price of premium game cameras, I don't want to find myself in that boat again.

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  1. Norman Cartwright says:

    Looking for cuddeback seen locking sestem

  2. The Cuddeback Seen supports the Cuddeback Genius Mount System. I used this same locking system on my Cuddeback Attack. You can use a user supplied lock and cable in conjunction with the included lock clips to secure the camera to the tree. A MasterLock Python cable is a good option to use with this Genius Mount system.
    I think the best security boxes on the market are being provided by CAMLOCKBOX.COM, but they don’t have a security box for the Cuddeback Seen available yet. Best of Luck!

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