Does Game Camera Flash Spook Deer?

I've had this debate with some hunting buddies for some time now.  I am a big fan of infrared digital game cameras, because I love the ability to get scouting camera videos at night or dusk.  I love video, because you can study your game and their movements much better.

My buddies have always had issues with the 'glow' from the infrared cameras.  They believe that this tends to spook the deer, and state that a traditional game camera flash won't.  Their arguments were that the game camera flash was like lightening to a deer.  It flashes and is gone and won't spook them.

Well, you aren't going to get any nighttime videos with a flash camera, and I agree that while in video mode, I have had deer staring at my infrared sensors.  I think that the infrared "flash" in picture mode, is much less likely to spook a deer though.  Since it doesn't light up the area, I don't believe they are as apt to notice it, unless they happen to be staring directly at the sensors at the time it flashes.

Well, I stumbled across this video today showing a nice buck getting spooked by a game camera flash.  Sorry guys, it looks like this refutes your argument.


2 Responses to “Does Game Camera Flash Spook Deer?”

  1. denner says:

    Well, what was the camera scented with? That buck was all over the scent of the camera or something right around the camera. It literally stuck its face right into the flash. I don’t think that happens too often as long it is obscure and scent free. I’ve used traditional flash and asked alot of hunters if they had problems spooking deer with traditional and time and again deer would appear over and over at night. My pictures, friends pictures, and the cuddeback website pictures take alot of traditional camera color shots at night and don’t spook deer.

  2. THEGAME says:

    My spypoint. Spooks deer. Its not the flash but the click sound it makes.

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