Four Game Cameras Hung, and I’m Paying for it!

Wildgame Innovations X6CI recently headed to the woods to hang 4 of my game cameras.  I'm hoping to pick up some pics or videos of a pretty good buck in velvet that I caught a glimpse of recently. I normally keep some scouting cameras in the woods year round, but I had recently pulled all my cameras in for a good cleaning and a once over.  I would recommend that everyone give your lenses a good cleaning with a soft cloth, check the seals to make sure you don't have any moisture issues, and to spot check for any other issues.

While in the woods, the mosquitoes had a feast on me.  We had a really wet Spring and they must have been on a breeding frenzy, because I was covered up.  I typically don't like to use bug sprays when I head into the woods to hunt or hang cameras.  I'd prefer not to foul my camera locations with the smell of Deep Woods Off, and I learned real quick that I could use a good bug suit.

To make matters a bit worse, I got into a mess of chiggers.  I'll take a mosquito bite over a chigger bite any day.  I got chewed up so bad that I think I would crawl out of my skin if I could at this point.  So this post will be a bit brief so I can get to the drug store to pick up some Chigerid.

My mission was accomplished, even though I carry a few battle scars from it.  I got a Cuddeback Capture, a Wildgame Innovations X6C, a Bushnell Trophy Cam, and my new cheap little Tasco 3MP digital game cameras all hung.  I'll hopefully have some new pictures and videos available soon.  You will be able to see them all on my Scouting Cameras YouTube Channel.

Until next time, watch out for those biting bugs and I hope you capture some good images of that big buck you'll be chasing this fall!

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  1. michael says:

    good job, great camera work too.

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