Game Camera Ground Mounts

Ground Mount Option

Ground Mount Option

Ever tried to hang your game camera on a hot trail, but you couldn't find a good tree anywhere close?
Want to set your trail camera in a corn field or grassy area, where no trees exist?

What you need is a game camera ground mount!

These versatile camera mounts allow you to hang your camera in that perfect spot.  They often give you the ability to fine tune your camera's position and angle.

The Yukon Tracks Perfect Aim Universal Camera Mount allows you to scout anywhere, no need for a tree!  This camera mount has a sturdy steel mount rod that can be driven into the ground.  You have the ability to adjust the height of your camera.  It allows you to turn your camera 360 degrees and tilt 80 degrees on its swivel mechanism.  The universal camera plate fits most brands of trail cameras.  Mounting is easy and requires no tools.

Post Mount Option

Post Mount Option

Pine Ridge Archery offers the AT-5 Universal Trail Camera Mount.  This universal mount can be attached to any fence post, tree, or metal pole.  All you need to do is sink a metal fece post in the ground, and you can mount your game camera anywhere you please.  This is a perfect option for setting your game camera to cover that trail that crosses a downed fence into a field.

These versatile game camera mounts are a great option for getting the most out of your game camera.  The only concern I have about their use is the ability to secure your game camera.  When you hang your game cam on a tree, you can typically cable-lock your trail camera to that tree to prevent theft.  With a post mount, you could be more susceptible to theft.  Use caution, and always make an effort to secure your scouting cameras.

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