Game Cameras for Security

Security Camera and Light

Security Camera and Light

Ok, so this isn't actually a game camera, but it is so cool, I had to write about it.  Besides, it is made my a game camera manufacturer ...

Stealth Cam, the popular scouting camera manufacturer has taken a small leap into the security camera market. I say small leap, because they have taken their game camera technology, integrated it into a security flood light, and named it the STEALTH CAM PATROLLER.

This is a natural progression for Stealth Cam, and a fit that really makes sense for them. I've written in the past about using game cameras for surveillance, but now Stealth Cam has filled the gap with an affordable security device. You can now get affordable home or business surveillance for under $125.00.

Why do I like this idea so much? Well criminals are used to coming in contact with motion detector lights. It typically scares them off, or down the street to victimize another home or auto. Often the activation of security lights is never even realized by the home owner, who may be fast asleep. Most motion detector lights are only a temporary deterrent. A thief's crime spree will continue until he is caught. Most criminals today don't anticipate that they may be getting videoed or photographed when they trip a security light though. Having the ability to prove a crime with video evidence, or to be able to provide the police with a picture of the suspect can be critical to putting an early end to the crime spree.

So what is the Stealth Cam Patroller, and what does it do?

It is a hard-wired, 500 watt halogen security light, with a 2.0 MP camera integrated into the housing. It is capable of triggering an activation when a subject enters within up to 50 feet of the Patroller's passive infared sensor. Once activated, the camera will take multiple pictures, or shoot 10 second digital video clips.

It features:

  • A built-in 2.0 megapixel color digital camera
  • a 500 watt security light with a halogen bulb which has a coverage range of 180 degrees.
  • A highly reflective cone for maximum brightness.
  • It has an LCD screen for programming and status information.
  • It swivels in order to get the perfect coverage and positioning.
  • Passive infrared sensor that detections subjects out to 50 feet.
  • You can shoot multiple pictures or video when activated.
  • The light can be programmed to stay on for 1 - 5 minutes during each activation.
  • The date and time are stamped on each picture or video.
  • Up to a 2 GB SD memory card can be used to capture a several thousand pictures, or over a thousand video clips.
  • Easily mounts to an existing or new junction box, and are available in black or white.

The Stealth Cam Patroller is worth considering for peace of mind and for the protection of your family and property.  I received an email131913191319 from our neighborhood association earlier this week stating that several vehicles had been burglarized in our neighborhood and an ajoining neghborhood a few nights ago.

It makes me wonder if someone was outside my house checking my truck doors to see if they were unlocked?  If I had a Stealth Cam Patroller installed, I would know the answer to that question.

3 Responses to “Game Cameras for Security”

  1. Denny Snyder says:

    Great idea !!!

    I want one………… you mention, many “undesireable criminal types” are accustomed to motion detector lights- not the fact they they are having their mug shot taken at the same time.

    I like it-

  2. MD says:

    I use motion detecting lights in conjunction with cameras and signs that say “Smile! You are being videotaped.” We had 5+ people per night cruising our out of the way street every night. Video surveillance showed the number dropped to one per month after a couple of weeks. While I don’t have one of these, the idea works!

  3. Great idea. Video surveillance is becoming more and more popular as crime increases and criminal definitely don’t want their picture taken!!!

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