Moultrie I45 Lock Box

I went to set my new Moultrie I45 infrared digital game camera in the woods behind the house tonight, and I made a disturbing discovery.  The lock hole on the camera housing is too small to accept a standard long shank padlock.

My buddies tell me I'm crazy sometimes, but I'm not crazy enough to leave a brand new $249.00 game camera in the woods unsecured.  I'm in a residential area that borders a nice section of woods, but on occasion, there is some foot traffic through that area.  I'm not willing to take the chance of losing another game camera, especially this one.

So far, this is the only big flaw I can see with the I45.  I wish all the game camera manufacturers would get their acts together and focus on some more simple security measures ... like lock holes large enough to accept a real lock.

I did some searching online, and I haven't been able to find anyone making a good lock box for the I45 yet.  I even checked Moultrie's site, and couldn't find a lock box that stated it supported the I45.  I've heard some bad things about their older lock boxes, and the one they currently have on their site only references the I40 and I60 as related products.

So I called the good people at  I had visited their website, and didn't see a model that supported the I45 yet.  They told me that they have received their I45 and I65 cameras, and are currently working on a new lockbox for them.  They anticipate having them ready in about 2 weeks (around the first week of October).  This was good news to me, as I own CamLockBox cases for other models of cameras, and I love them.  These things are designed rock solid, and because of the way the case interlocks, there is no way it's coming apart, unless you have the key.

I'll be first in line to get mine.

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