Moultrie MFH-CACT Camera Activator

Moultrie MFH-CACT

Moultrie MFH-CACT

Ever have a hard time locating your game camera in the woods? It can be tough, especially as all the new vegetation comes in the Spring and the landscape takes on a different look. Or how about locating your tree stand in the dark? Well if you have a Moultrie MFH-CACT Camera Activator attached to your Game Spy M40, M60, I40 or I60, then your problems are solved.

The Camera Activator is a remote control key fob that allows you to remotely activate your trail camera. You can force your camera to take pictures at the press of a button, or it can be used to make your camera emit LED pulses.

This is an inexpensive add-on that can be very handy.

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