Moultrie Power Panel – Say Goodbye to Batteries

Moultrie Power Panel

Moultrie Power Panel

Do you own a Moultrie Game Camera? Well how would you like to say goodbye to batteries ... Forever?

Well if you own a Moultrie MFH-CPP Power Panel, you will never have to worry about changing batteries again. The moultrie power panel is a solar panel and 12 volt battery in one. Moultrie really went the extra mile when designing the MFH-CPP. It contains an LCD display that show that gives you feedback about its operation. The real-time solar value helps you mount the power panel to allow it to operate most efficiently. It also tracks daily and weekly solar efficiency status. You can see the internal battery charge level as well.

This weather resistant solar panel comes with a 10 foot cord. This allows you the ability to mount the MFH-CPP in the best location for optimal sunlight. The panel can be easily mounted to a tree, pole, post, you name it. 

The Moultrie Power Panel will work with all Moultrie 2007 game cameras and later, and when you consider the cost of replacing batteries, it is a very economical decision. Consider the Moultrie D-40 game camera that operates for approximately 60 days on 6 D cell batteries. If you run your camera year round, you will need approximately 36 batteries for the year. You can pick up an 8 pack of Duracell D cell batteries for approximately $10.00. So that takes about 4.5 of the 8 packs of batteries each year, or about $50.00 with tax. The retail price of the MFH-CPP is $89.99, but you can often find a deal on them for $50.00 - $60.00.

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If you place your Moultrie in a remote location, the MFH-CPP can ensure continuous operation and no dead batteries. Let's face it, there is nothing more frustrating than going to check your game camera, finding dead batteries, and wondering how many days of lost pictures you have suffered. With the Moutrie Power Panel, that's a thing of the past.

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