Predator Trail Cameras – Bankruptcy!

Predator EvolutionI have apparently had my head in the sand over the last few months, because I totally missed the news about Outdoors Extreme Corp filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. I usually try to keep my finger on the pulse of what is occurring with the major trail camera companies, and was shocked to discover.
The Outdoors Extreme Corp (OWC) manufactured and distributed the Predator line of trail cameras since June 25, 2010. The Predator trail camera line included the TrailEye, the Xtinction, the Evolution, and the Informer. They filed for bankruptcy on 01/28/2011.
While this may be good news for the competing game camera manufacturers on the market, it spells bad news for owners of Predator trail cams. The Saxon, Wisconsin company has stated that there will be no future sales or support for their game cameras. Any warranty or other proof of claims should be filed with bankruptcy court.
There is a statement of their bankruptcy proceedings on their website at In this statement, they apologize to their customers for any and all inconveniences associated with their proceedings. Unfortunately, this is little help for the owner of a broken Predator trail cam owner in need of service.
I did attempt to call the company to see if there are any support alternatives for their past customers that are in need of assistance. The number was disconnected. So if you own a Predator, it looks like you are on your own from this point on.
One disconcerting result of their bankruptcy is that their main webpage has been replaced by the bankruptcy notice, so none of the other pages on their website (including their support and manual pages) are easily accessible. They are still there though, just the navigation from the main page has been disabled. You can use the link below to get to one of their deeper pages, then navigate to where you need to go.
If you own a Predator Xtinction or Predator Evolution, then I recommend that you go to the following link ASAP. Determine if you need any of the firmware updates and download them now. There is no telling how much longer this website will be online, and when it is gone the firmware updates will be too.
Predator Firmware Updates
If the website comes down before you have a chance to get the updates, use the Contact link to send me a message. I have a copy of them and will gladly send them to you.

If you are the kind of person that likes to roll the dice, than you can get some great deals on the Predator Trail Cameras that remain on the market.  All companies that carried the Predators are unloading them from their inventory.  You will be rolling the dice, because you won't get any support with them.  I've seen the Predator Evolution XR infrared digital game camera selling for $189.95 (normally $419.99).  You can click on this link to see some of the Predator Closeout Deals.

I for one, am sorry to see Outdoors Extreme Corp and their line of Predator trail cameras go.  I personally think that the more game camera manufacturers there are, the better it is for us - the consumers.  Competition fuels innovation and drives pricing.

31 Responses to “Predator Trail Cameras – Bankruptcy!”

  1. Carson says:

    That is a bummer.
    I’ve got a Predator Evolution XR infrared digital game camera and love it. I hate to see them go. I was looking forward to seeing what they would come out with next.

  2. Randy M. says:

    I also didn’t know that OEC went bankrupt. Now it seems I’m stuck with a Predator Extinction that doesn’t work properly…and I’ve only had it for 2 years now. Started to have trouble with it today.

    The battery indicator fluctuates from full charge to no charge within seconds. About 20 seconds into doing this, it shuts off.

    Any ideas regarding this problem and how to fix it?

  3. rickrivera says:

    Wow, what a fantastic and extremely helpful review! Specifically the kind of information needed to generate a superb selection about which digital camera to buy. Thanks!

  4. Chuck J says:

    Have a had my Evolution it took great video, but did not work on stills, now the screen lights up but can not read it and can not do any programing. I called the Bunkrupcy Court and they basicly said I was out of luck. You mention you may have the program that could maybe fix this?

  5. Dave S says:

    I bought three of these cameras last fall, started having problems with 2 of them in the cold weather here in wisconsin. I sent them back to the company and they sent them back with 900 pics on each of them as they took pics of them walking around in the shop. Never said they didnt work in a heated building. But did nothing further. One of the volt meter jumps all over feom 15 to 99 to 128 volts the camera date function also jumps all over the place. it will not work at all they said this would not alter the cameras function. Then 2 weeks later i see the notice of bankruptcy. Is there anyplace or anyone who might be able to fix these cameras? I have a ton of money stuck into these 3 evolutions all just turning 1 year old now.

  6. I am still searching for a service option for the Predator cameras. If I can locate something, I’ll let everyone know. Keep your fingers crossed.

  7. Cheri says:

    Anyone know how to reset the password? I’m trying to research for my cousin. He bought one a few months ago and it must have been a returned one. Now he’s past the 60 day return at the store (so they won’t do anything), the company’s out of business, and he can’t figure out what pass code the person who returned the darn thing put on it :( I guess that’s a lesson to everyone to check stuff out right away….even when you don’t plan to use it for a few months.

  8. Steve Jacobson says:

    I had a Predator trail cam that my wife spent over $400 on. I got it for Christmas one year and put it out late the next summer. I noticed that the batteries (ten of them) would only last a couple of weeks even though I was getting only about 10 pictures. I took it down in November (In No. MN) and started it up the next summer only have it not work. I sent it in to them and told them of the problem and repeatedly told them how much I liked the cameral short of the batteries. They said there was no fix but I could buy a new one at a reduced price. I told them to “Pound Salt” and asked for them to send it back. I was really mad and wished their company a thousand deaths for being so unconcerning to a customer. I guess I got what I wanted an am thankful that I didn’t take them up on buying a new one. I ended up buying two Primos 60’s units and am extremely satisfied with them. The batteries last many months and they take good pictures.

  9. EdTred says:

    Luv my, over 10,000 pics over 3-4 years. Dropped it last month and now not working. Hoping to find SOMEBODY that could take a look. (Mine worjed awesome in the extreme WIS winters, even to -20 degrees).

  10. Michigan Hunter says:

    The game camera industry is competitive but Predator was a pretty big name in the industry. Shame.

  11. Vince says:

    Hello all, I have the Predator Evolution, and a stupid woodpecker pecked holes in the light sensor lense on the front of my cam. If anyone has a junk cam that they would like to sell, I would appreciate you selling it to me for parts. I did patch it with silicone, but too much light gets through, and messes with pictures at dusk and at night. My email131913191319 address is Thank you

  12. Steve Jacobson says:

    Sorry about the woodpecker problem. If I wasn’t already using mine as a boat anchor I would just give it to you for free!

  13. BG says:

    Does anyone know why my predator evolution xr just started running a whole bunch of blank video? Anything you could tell me would be great. I have 2 of these cameras and only one seems to be having the problem. They seem to run in a group. Like it will run 15 pictures and then 10 blank video. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  14. Jay Parsons says:

    Well, I have 4 traileye cameras, and have had them a year, with lots of problems. Mainly battery life 4 days. Was getting expensive. May be one of the reasons they pulled the plug. I wish they hadnt of though. Now stuck with alot of nothing.

  15. Sorry to hear that. You are in good company. Predator left a lot of their customers holding the bag on this one.

  16. Matt Wedig says:

    Any word on a repair facility that would work on these cameras ? I have a issue with the pictures/video being very blurry like their is moisture on the lense, but their is not. I am thinking I may need a new camera portion ?
    I cannot find the correct allen head with the inverted center to disassemble…..

  17. I enjoy reading all of your posts. This camera is very inconsistent, at times it will work like a charm then at times it will do anything from draign the batteries, to blank pictures/videos, or even not take pictures to begin with. I have found that changing out the Compact Flash cards helps. These cards to ware and will cause the camera to malfunction.

  18. David says:

    I would like to know what caused the bankruptcy. I purchased a predator evolution camera 4 years ago and love it. Have purchased a bushnell and a moultrie recently – neither come close to the predators performance. A real shame!

  19. Josh says:

    Never could get my Predator Evolution to work right. Expensive lesson! Glad I only bought one. I recommend bushnell and primos, I’ve had good luck with both in Alberta, Canada winters!!

  20. Jeff says:

    My evolution take nothing but blurry picture during the daylight hous but the nightime pictures are fine any help???

  21. i recently bought a Predator Intruder Serial Number 159749 MA 35547 in great shape off a flea mkt. I put new batteries in it and it works only one thing it asks for asks for a 4 digit number code and i can’t figure it out. Can anyone help me ? Thanks.

  22. Bobby, I chatted with another person a while back that had the exact same issue. I know of no way to get around this. With the Predator company being bankrupt now, there is no longer any support for the cameras, and I haven’t found a third party company that will offer support. You may try some easy repeating numbers like “0000”, “1111”, “1234”, etc, and you might get lucky. On the bright side, with a 4 digit number code, you only have 10,000 possible number combinations to try 😉 . Sorry, I wish I had a fix for you.

  23. I second your comment on the recommendation for Bushnell and Primos cameras. I love them both, and my Bushnell’s have been the most solid of any. And you gotta love that battery life!

  24. Steven Van Laanen says:

    I have 3 Predator Evos and I think one of them needs the firmware download but I can’t find the download. If you have it can you please send a copy to my email addy? Thanks a bunch and good hunting to you this year!

  25. Carson Garrett says:

    Thanks so much for sending me the firmware. It was a big help, and I really appreciate it!

  26. Mark says:

    I’ve owned a predator extinction for several years and I have to say it was one of my top performing cameras of the 17 I own, up until a year and half ago. The screen just turned white and flickered constantly once turned on. Anyone experience this issue and is there any known fix at this time. I guess I should’ve sent it back to predator right away, but then again I didn’t expect them to go out of business.

    Any help or advice would be appreciated

  27. I don’t have a fix for that problem, but will post your comment up here just incase someone else does. Best of luck!

  28. Lorne says:

    Hello guys, I have 6 of these left and no problems till now. Two of them will work great for two days and go down. I turn them off and back on great for two days. Any ideas. Thanks for your time. Also a firmware update would be awesome.

  29. deer hunter says:

    i own 10 predator cameras and haved fixed some of these cameras in the past usually replacing the lenses or trigger assembles but the screens are connected to the boards and can not be seperated so you are out of luck

  30. Matt Tervo says:

    I Have a predotor trail camera and i was having an issue with the voltage it would keep draining the batteries out it thought so i got curious and to solve that problume you got to cut the wires from the battery leaving your self enough wire so that you can cut the wires that hook up to the aux power source splice them toghether and check it out you might be amazed like me.

  31. dale says:

    I have a traileye XP. Never had a camera so user friendly. I would like to have a couple of more of them. Clear pics with great definition, day or night. What happened to you? How could you go bankrupt with such a great product?

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