Real-time Game Camera Website

I recently had a conversation with Steve over at about their recently implemented Real-Time Trail Cam photo webpage. He has taken a great concept, paired it up with some cutting edge game camera technology, and with the help of some custom scripts has created a dynamically updated site.

There is currently one Smart Scouter trail camera located in Maryland, but he has plans to deploy a small fleet of cellular cameras across the country. The Smart Scouter Trail Camera has a built-in cellular modem, which will send out email131913191319s containing recently captured images as attachments. Their custom scripts take the attached images from the email131913191319s every hour, and automatically post them to the Real-Time gallery.

Not only am I impressed by the concept of the real-time gallery, but I'm also impressed by the quality of some of the bucks that I have seen in the gallery. You can see the gallery for yourself at the following link: Real-Time Trail Camera Pictures. Bookmark it, and visit it daily to see the new pictures. I give it two thumbs up!

Take a look at some of the unique images that Steve gave me permission to post.

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