Reconyx Firmware

Have you updated the firmware on your Reconyx game camera? If not, you will want to head on over to and download it. Their latest firmware update can unlock many new and beneficial features.

So how do you know if you need the firmware update? Access the "Camera Info" option on your game camera. The top line of this display will list a series of numbers. This is your currently installed firmware version. The latest shipping version is V: You will notice that the last 8 digits of this number represent a date format. If you have an earlier version listed, you will want to download and install the new firmware. This will contain all of the cumulative updates since the Reconyx scouting cameras were originally released.
By installing the new firmware, you can gain access to these features:

  1. 1080p Widescreen HD Mode
    On the RC55, RC60, PC85 and PC90 trail cameras, you will have access to this HD widescreen mode that is perfect for viewing images on the newer HD TVs and widescreen monitors.  After updating the firmware on the RC55 and RC60, this mode will be set to the new default mode of operation.  The 1080p widescreen mode will become a selectable option on the PC85 and PC90.
  2. Night Mode Settings
    The new night mode settings are a welcome addition.  They allow you to have better control over the quality of your night time images, the range, and the camera's shutter speed.  There are four night mode settings.  Default mode offers a good balance between infrared range, the speed of the shutter, and the quality of the images.  The High Quality mode will produce a higher quality image, but will sacrifice some of the infrared range.  The Fast Shutter option is great for reducing blur with fast moving game, but again will sacrifice some of your infrared range.  The Max Range option will increase the IR range, but will sacrifice some quality and you may have more grainy images.  Each of these options can have great applications depending upon the conditions that your camera is placed in.
  3. New Quick Settings
    The Trail Setting is the default.  This mode will fire off 3 pictures  upon each activation of the passive infrared sensor.  After a 1 second delay, an additional 3 pictures will be taken.  No delay is set on the trigger.  This will provide you multiple images of an animal moving along a trail.
    The Scrape Setting will fire off 5 pictures upon activation of the PIR with no delay on the trigger.  This mode will ensure that you capture all of the activity of that big buck that shows up to work that scrape.
    The Feeder Setting is designed for scenarios where your game may linger for a period of time.  This is designed to ensure that you capture a good amount of activity without filling up your CF memory card too quickly.  With the feeder setting, 3 pictures will be taken upon activation of the PIR, with a 5 second delay between each picture.  Then a 15 second delay will be incurred before the sensor will trigger again.

Updating the firmware on your Reconyx camera is a breeze.  All you need to do is take a blank CF memory card, download the firmware update, and place it on the memory card.  Turn your Reconyx camera off, and insert the card.  Power on the camera, and it will read the firmware update file from the memory card and automatically start the update process.  Once the update is complete, the camera will delete the firmware update file from the memory card, and will boot up like normal.

I love how easy Reconyx has made this firmware update process, and how they continue to enhance the quality and features of their existing line of scouting cameras.   So check your firmware and update it if necessary to unlock these features and get even more out of your Reconyx camera.

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