Reconyx RC60 Video

Here is a video describing the features of the Reconyx RC60. The Reconyx RapidFire RC60 is HOT! The 70 high energy infared illuminators give you clear nighttime images out to 35 feet.

The housing contains a 3.1 megapixel camera.   That's 3.1 megapixels for both daytime and nighttime images.  This camera does not reduce its resolution for nighttime images, like some other infared cameras on the market.   It used a light filtering technology, so there are no glowing-red illuminators to spook your game.  They never have any indication that this camera is active.  The RC60 has a fast trigger ... 1/5th of a second fast.  The RapidFire technology can fire off pictures as quick as 1 frame per second.

This camera has excellent battery life, surpassing 5,000 images on 6 C-cell batteries.  The RC60 uses CF (compact flash) memory cards.

Reconyx also includes their BuckView image management software with this camera.  It allows you to organize your images geographically.  This gives you the ability to pattern the movement and behavior of game.  This software allows you to download aerial photos and topo maps of your hunting ground, and link the images to specific cameras locations on the map.

Reconyx makes a complete line of accessories to compliment this camera, like mounting brackets, bear boxes, cable locks and more.

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