Reconyx RM45 RapidFire Digital Game Camera

Reconyx RM45

Reconyx RM45

The RM45 RapidFire is Reconyx's entry level camera. It has the lowest price point of any of the game cameras that Reconyx offers, and is retail priced at $499.99. They can often be found online for about 10% off in the $449.99 range.

If you know anything about Reconyx's game cameras, you know they are top notch. If you own other brands of game cameras, you might think it's crazy to spend this much money for an entry level camera. Owning one will change your mind though.

So what makes Reconyx so much better than the others? How can they offer their cameras at such a high price, and still have people lining up to buy them? The answer is simple... Performance.

The Reconyx RapidFire technology uses an InstaOn motion sensor and has a 1/10 of a second trigger speed. You can put Reconyx up against any other game camera on the market and they will beat them. I've always thought that Cuddeback cameras had a fast trigger. Well check out one of my previous posts showing a Reconyx vs. Cuddeback in a head to head. The video might change your mind. It changed mine. Their slogan for their game cameras is "See what you've been missing". This video makes that very appearent.

Reconyx also has a superior BatterySaver technology, so your battery life is measured in months instead of days. I've owned many digital game cameras, and the battery life on most of them has left something to be desired.

Reconyx also has a RapidFire NearVideo technology in the RM45 that allows it to shoot up to two frames per second. That is an incredibly fast recovery time.

So what else can the RM45 do? Well, it shoots 1.3 MP monochrome images by day, and 1.3 MP infared images by night. It's infared emitters can reach out to 50 feet. It uses Compact Flash memory cards, and can store up to 15,000 images on a single 2 GB memory card. It is rugged and durable. It can operate flawlessly in temperatures from -20 degrees Fahrenheit to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. It will also print the date, time, moon phase, trigger and sequence number information, temperature, as well as camera label information on each image. The RM45 run on 6 C-cell batteries. An LCD panel, and a series of 3 buttons can be used to easily program the RM45's settings.

One of the best added features that Reconyx puts in their cameras is their theft deterrent technology. They label this right on the front of the camera. Anyone with any sense would not bother even trying to steal a Reconyx camera, because it would be useless to them unless they know the CodeLoc password.

Another great feature of the RM45 is the Programmable Time-Lapse Surveillance. This enables you to configure the camera to take a series of time lapse photos. It can automatically fire off photos every 1 to 30 minutes depending upon how you program it. And this feature can be set to for two different periods per day. What is nice about this, is that you can be guaranteed that pictures will be taken, even if your target is not within range of the motion sensor. Just imagine placing the RM45 in this mode on the edge of a field, and having it fire off pictures every minute at dusk and dawn. It would be really nice to know what's in that field before the opening day of gun season or muzzleloader season rolls around. Well the RM45 can tell you.

Every Reconyx game camera comes with an adjustable bungee mounting strap, a manual, and their BuckView mapping and image management software.

So if you are tired of being disappointed in your game camera's performance, consider a Reconyx.

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