Scoutguard SG550 Video of Doe and Fawn

I have my game cameras back in the field and just pulled the memory cards today. I got some great videos which I will start posting. This video comes from a small wood lot behind my home in Kentucky. There are tons of deer in the vicinity, and I have a lot of movement in the area.

The video below is of a doe with a little bitty fawn. This video was picked up on July 7, in the afternoon. It was a really hot day, but the deer are still moving.

The doe moves through the woods very cautiously, and you can see her sampling the air with her nose as she moves. The little fawn still has its spots.

This video came off of my Scoutguard SG550. I love this little camera, and when I say little, I mean little in size. It is no bigger than your hand. The daytime videos are a little choppy, but the infared quality of this camera at night is what I really love. It has great range.

Hope you enjoy this video. Thanks

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