Stealth Cam Memory Card Viewer

Stealth Cam Memory Card Viewer

Stealth Cam Memory Card Viewer

Stealth cam has released a handy new memory card viewer that no game camera enthusiast should be without.  It is the Stealth Cam Memory Card Viewer model STC-CRV20.

This handy little viewer has a two inch LTPS LCD screen that allows you to view the images and videos on your memory card, without using a PC.  This remote viewer is small enough to fit in your pocket, and powerful enough to let you view your pictures and videos on the spot.

It has two SDRAM memory card slots, that supports up to 2 GB memory cards.  The memory slots also allow you to copy and move images and videos from one memory card to another.  So as you check on your game cameras, you can pull the pictures off your memory cards on the spot, consolidate them to a single SDRAM card, and place the original memory card right back into your game camera.  This eliminates the need to purchase a bunch of extra memory cards to swap in and out of your game cameras.

I like the fact the the STC-CRV20 gives you a 4X zoom, which allows you to enlarge the details of your images.  The vertical and horizontal panning while zoomed in really gives you the ability to study all details of your images.

This memory card viewer runs on four AA batteries in the field, and can be powered by a 6V adapter from your home.  As an added bonus, the STC-CRV20 can be connected to your PC to serve as a memory card reader for your computer.  This will allow you to transfer images from your memory cards directly to your PC.

The thing I like best about this new gadget, is that you no longer have to wait to view your images.  You get immediate gratification.  This easy-to-use device is a must have!

For more details, and to see the best prices on the STC-CRV20, click on the following link:  Stealth Cam Memory Card Viewer .

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