The Hidden Benefits of Scouting Cameras

Benefits of Scouting CamerasI just recently started testing the new Moultrie I-35 trail camera.  This evening I decided to move it to a section of hardwoods that has some well defined, intersecting trails.  So I grabbed my boots and headed for the woods.

On the walk in, I saw a hog nose snake on the edge of the wood line.  Boy was he aggressive.  It seems like the heat has really made them active.  If  you're not familiar with the hog nose snake, they will vibrate their tails in the leaves which makes a buzzing sound.  They try to imitate rattlesnakes as a defense.  Even though I know their aren't any timber rattlers in this area, that hog nose snake gets me every time.

In the woods I jumped up a couple of little bucks, which I am always glad to see.  I saw some nice 10 pointers in the area last season, and got a few good videos of them on my Bushnell Trophy Cam.  I hope those little bucks got the genetics from one of those shooter bucks.

I got the game cam moved and then walked the creek back to check for crossing areas.  Fresh, muddy tracks in a couple of heavily trafficked crossing areas has me thinking I'll bring another game camera with me on the next trip.

There was a lot of activity in the woods this evening.  After seeing a few turkeys in a clearing, a Red-Headed woodpecker, and a lot of squirrel activity, I realized why game cameras have become a year-round hobby.  I just love being in the woods, and my game cams give me the hidden benefit of being there more often.

3 Responses to “The Hidden Benefits of Scouting Cameras”

  1. Paul Stewart says:

    I use a Spypoint Pro X trail camera, and with its 12MP sensor it offers the best still images on the market.

    Also with its state of the art detection and fast trigger time you are less likely to miss the perfect shot.

  2. Dave says:

    I used to raise hog nose snakes when I lived in Florida. Did you snag any pics captured with the game camera?

  3. Good to hear from you again Dave. I do have some pics and videos in from the I-35 testing. I’ll post a video review in the near future, and will share some of the images and videos from it. I’m in the process of determining which trail camera to review next. Primos released a new line of scouting cameras, so I may be going after some of them. Thanks

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