Cuddeback Trail Cameras

Cuddeback Trail Cameras

In the game camera industry, Cuddeback is synonymous with performance and quality. If I was to play a word association game, and someone said “Cuddeback” to me, the first words that could come to mind are “Trigger Speed”.
All Cuddeback trail cameras have very fast triggers. They are often referred to as “hare triggers”, and there aren’t many other game cameras on the market that could beat them. On Cuddeback’s website, you will often see user submitted pictures of owls or other birds in flight, or a deer frozen in mid air as it jumps a fence. Now that’s fast! Cuddeback is a pioneer in the game camera industry and thanks to the efforts of Mark Cuddeback, Non Typical Engineering was formed in 1989 to produce game cameras for the masses.

In the Cuddeback trail camera reviews below, we’ll take a closer look at the features and capabilities of each model.

Cuddeback Seen

Cuddeback Seen

Cuddeback has release a value-priced camera that doesn't skimp on features or performance. Check out the low cost Cuddeback Seen Model 1217 if you need to add a high performance game camera to your arsenal without breaking your wallet.

Cuddeback Attack IR

Cuddeback Attack IR Review

The Cuddeback Attack IR is the newest infrared digital game camera in the Cuddeback trail camera line. It is packed with innovative new technology, like the Guard Duty mode. You have the ability to transfer your images straight from the camera to a USB thumb drive. Take a look at the review and see some images and videos of exactly what this game camera is capable of.

Cuddeback Capture

Cuddeback Capture Review

The Cuddeback Capture is a flash-based 3.0 megapixel digital trail camera with a 50 ft flash range. It uses a rotary switch for programming, which they say is as simple to set as an alarm clock. With a trigger speed of less than 1/3 of a second, the Capture carries the lowest price of any game camera in the Cuddeback line. This is one of Cuddeback’s most popular cameras.

Cuddeback Capture IR

Cuddeback Capture IR Review

The Cuddeback CaptureIR is an infrared digital game camera. It takes 5.0 megapixel pictures by day, and 1.3 megapixel images at night, with no visible flash. It has the same hair trigger and ease of operation as it’s sibling, the Cuddeback Capture. You will get a little less flash range on this camera, but it still reaches out to 40 feet. Any you will get that extra long battery life that Cuddeback is famous for.

Cuddeback NoFlash

Cuddeback NoFlash Review

The NoFlash is on the high end of Cuddeback’s trail camera line. This camera has an instant trigger. It captures images and videos by day, and infrared images and videos at night. It also has many other enticing features, such as password protection for the camera and a time lapse mode. With a flash range of 60 feet for stills and 40 feet for videos, the NoFlash is one of Cuddeback’s most muscular trail cameras.

Cuddeback ExPert

Cuddeback ExPert Review

The Cuddeback ExPert is another one of Cuddeback’s high end digital scouting cameras. It shoots at 3.0 megapixel resolution, and is a flash-based camera with a range of 60 feet. It does do daytime video clips, and shares many of the advanced features contained in the NoFlash, such as password protection and time lapse mode.

Cuddeback ExCite

Cuddeback ExCite Review

The Cuddeback ExCite digital trail camera is a lower cost game camera, but it still has the same Instant Trigger contained in their high end line of scouting cameras. At 2.0 megapixels, this flash-based system has a range of 40 feet. It has an easy setup and configuration, and has been a staple in Cuddeback’s product line for several years.

Cuddeback Cuddeview

Cuddeback Cuddeview Review

The Cuddeback Cuddeview is an image viewer that allows you to review your images and videos in the field. It is a handy device that lets you view images, zoom in, pan around, delete unwanted images, and even transfer images to a secondary SD card. It will even serve as a card reader for your computer, and supports both SDRAM and CompactFlash memory cards.

Cuddeback Attack Locks

Cuddeback Attack Locks

In order to secure the Cuddeback Attack from theft, you need to have one of their metal brackets and lock clips, or a Cuddeback CuddeSafe that is made for the Attack. See your options here.

Cuddeback Bear Safe

Cuddeback Bear Safe Review

The Cuddeback CuddeSafe is a bear-proof security box designed to protect your game cameras from theft, and from destruction by bears. This all metal security box mounts with a lag bolt and accepts a padlock, so you can feel secure about leaving your scouting camera in the field.