Cuddeback Excite Review

Cuddeback Excite The Cuddeback ExCite was released several years ago, and it still respected by hunters and game camera enthusiasts alike. This 2.0 megapixel camera has some similarities to the Cuddeback Capture, but it is closer in design to the NoFlash and ExPert. This is a flash based digital trail camera, which has a flash range of 40 feet. It will capture day and nighttime images, but does not have video capability.
One of the best features of the ExCite that still has hunters searching for these game cameras, is the instant trigger. The trigger speed is one of the most important features in a game camera, and the ExCite shares the same trigger technology as the ExPert and NoFlash. This game cam had an MSRP of $249.00, which is a decent price for that trigger.
One of the biggest differences between the ExCite and the higher end Cuddebacks, is the lack of some of the advanced features. In fact, the user interface for programming this camera lacks the Advanced Mode. You’ll program this camera using the EZ mode. So you don’t get Cuddeback’s TheftStop Password Protection, the programmable owner name and phone number, the time lapse mode, or the ability to set the hours of operation.
What you do get is the ability to adjust the sensitivity, selectable delays between 1 minute to 1 hour, and the date and time on the images. This game camera uses Compact Flash (CF) memory cards, and attaches to the tree with a screw, just like its big brothers do. And let’s not forget to mention that instant trigger again... The ExCite is powered by four D-cell alkaline batteries. These will provide you between 800 - 1,600 images, with lesser number of pictures being provided during cold weather conditions under 25 degrees fahrenheit. The cold weather will stress your batteries more than during warmer weather.
To view your images, you have a few options. You can connect the ExCite directly to your PC via the USB connection; you can use a PC card reader on your PC to view and copy the images, or you can use the CuddeBack CuddeView. It is a 4-in-1 file viewer with an embedded viewing screen. It allows you to view pictures remotely in the field, view images on your computer, view pictures on your TV, or transfer the images from one memory card to another. It’s a handy accessory.
One quick note about the detection range. Like with all game cameras, the detection range is affected by the surrounding air temperature. In cold weather, the ExCite may detect head from your game as far away as 100 feet. In warmer weather, this is reduced and could sense only up to 20 feet on very hot days. So as the days turn colder, and the woods start to open up from dying vegetation, the ExCite will start reaching out further.
So if you are looking for a lower cost digital game camera, that has that legendary ‘instant trigger’, then take a closer look at the ExCite. It might just be the one for you.
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