Cuddeback NoFlash Review

Cuddeback NoFlashThe Cuddeback NoFlash in an infrared digital scouting camera that takes 3.0 megapixel color images by day and 1.3 megapixel black and white images in complete darkness. When there is a lack of natural light, the NoFlash will automatically active its infrared emitters to light up your image. It does this using infrared flash lens technology, so there is no visible flash to spook your game. In additional to pictures in .JPG format, the Cuddeback NoFlash can also be configured to record video clips in .AVI format during the day or night, in lengths from 10 to 60 seconds. For images at night, the IR flash will reach out to 60 feet. Flash range for video is a little less, but it still gets out to 40 feet. This scouting camera is powered by four D-cell batteries, which can give you 1,600 images at 70 degrees Fahrenheit, and 800 images at 25 degrees Fahrenheit.
While most game camera manufactures have made the transition to SD memory cards, the NoFlash still makes use of CF (Compact Flash) memory cards. These are not included, and you will want to make sure you have at least a couple of memory cards. That way, you can swap your memory card out with a fresh one, and review the images from your PC while your game camera remains in the woods. The larger the CF card, the better, because you will be able to store more pictures and videos on it. There is a small amount of internal memory, but only enough to store about 20 images. So make sure you have a CF card before you head to the woods with this game cam.
Like all game cameras, the detection range varies depending upon the ambient air temperature. The motion/heat sensor can detect movement out to 100 feet in cold weather. During very hot weather though, it is more difficult to detect the heat from a live animal. When the temperatures are above 80 degrees fahrenheit, the detection range may be reduced to just 20 feet. This is typical of all game cameras though.
The Cuddeback NoFlash is a feature-rich scouting camera that performs. The trigger speed is so fast, that the specs list it as an “instant trigger”. Cuddeback is known for its incredibly fast trigger speed.
I mentioned that this was a feature-rich camera, so let’s take a closer look at what those features are.
You have the ability to change this camera between EZ Mode and Advanced Mode. EZ Mode allows for simple configuration that is good for most general users. The Advanced Mode allows you to really take control of how your game camera works. It allows you to turn the flash on/off, set the flash power, enable password protection, enable time lapse photography mode, enable surveillance mode, and more.
The TheftStop Plus technology allows you to enable password protection on the camera, and embed your name and phone number in the electronics. This is a great feature, because the Owner Name that you enter is also printed on the image. The password protection consists of an Owner Password and a Lock Password. The Lock Password will prevent an unauthorized user from using your NoFlash. This password consists of 5 numbers, and is required to unlock the NoFlash when it is powered on. The Owner Password is required to change the Owner Name and Phone Number assigned to the camera. Having two sets of passwords allow you to let your friends use your game camera, without the concern of the owner information ever being changed.
You can also program the NoFlash to only operate during certain times. You can select All Day, Day Only, Night Only, or Specific Hours. You can use Specific Hours for example, to not take pictures during the late morning to early afternoon hours, when deer are typically not moving. This is a great way to get less squirrel pictures.
The Surveillance Mode is a great feature of the NoFlash, which allows the camera to continue taking pictures, even if your memory card is full. It will delete the oldest image to make room for a new image. This way, you will always be able to ensure that you have captured the most recent activity.
The NoFlash will also give you statistical data on its operation. You can see how many images have been taken, how many days your Cuddeback has been in operation, and battery information.
A feature I really love is the Time Lapse Photography mode. You can have the NoFlash take a picture at specified times or time intervals, without having the sensor detect movement. For example, you may want to do surveillance on a large field to check for deer activity. You can set the NoFlash on the edge of the field and have images taken every hour on the hour during daylight hours. This option is great for gun hunters.
The Cuddeback NoFlash is the cream of the crop in Cuddeback’s line of digital game cameras. For more information, and to compare pricing for the best deals, see the links below.

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