Leupold RCX-2 Review

Leupold RCX-2

Leupold RCX-2The Leupold RCX-2 is the high end model in the RCX trail camera line. The RCX-2 offers everything that the RCX-1 provides, but offers some significant enhancements. Read the Leupold RCX-1 Review first, and then read this one to see the differences.
The RCX-2 camera itself (or RCX-2 kit) only costs $50.00 more than the RCX-1 options. That additional cost gets you:

  • A 10 MP camera (as opposed to an 8 MP)
  • A dual passive infrared sensor (with 10 degree and 45 degree cones)
  • Extended trigger range up to 90 feet
  • The option to use 36 or 48 infrared LEDs
  • The RCX-2 kit also includes the Lock-Down Security Plate (where the RCX-1 kit does not)

Here is a quick look at the RCX-2 specs, and then I’ll dig into a few of the features that make this trail camera stand out.

Number of MegaPixels - 10
Trigger Speed - Under 1 second
Flash Type - Infrared with 48 LEDs
Detection Range - up to 90 feet
Records Videos - Yes
Multi-shot Mode - Yes
Maximum Memory - 32 GB SDRAM

Easy Setup
The RCX-2 offers the same easy setup as the RCX-1 by using the same RCX Controller. You have the same 4 preset modes, but the RCX-2 takes them a step further. Dual Sensor Technology (DST) is used on each of the preset modes. I’ll explain that in depth below. The other difference is that the RCX-2 uses 48 infrared LEDs (as opposed to 36) on the Best Picture and Most Picture modes. This offers additional infrared flash power to light up your targets at longer ranges.

Dual Sensor Technology (DST)
The RCX-2 has two passive infrared sensors; a 45 degree and 10 degree cone. The wider 45 degree sensor with its 45 foot range is great for detecting motion in larger areas. The narrow 10 degree sensor with its 90 foot range is great for pointing at a feeder or for targeting a specific landmark.
When doing a custom configuration on your camera’s settings, you can choose from the 45 degree sensor, the 10 degree sensor, or the DST (dual sensor technology). DST activates both passive infrared sensors. It allows you to capture the wider field of activity within 45 degrees and 45 feet. It also allows you to reach out to 90 feet using the center 10 degree cone. This really opens up the detection capability of the RCX-2, allowing you to capture more game activity in your area.

Wide Field of View
You have the same 54 degree wide field of view with the RCX-2’s camera lens.

Pictures or Videos
You have the same image and video capability with the RCX-2, only at 10 MP instead of 8 MP. You have the same multi-shot capability to capture multiple pictures upon each activation of the PIR.
You also have the same video capability for capturing 640x480 and 320x240 videos at 15 or 30 frames per second.

Info Strip
Just like the RCX-1, the RCX-2 trail camera will stamp each picture taken with the Camera Name, Moon Phase, Date and Time, Temperature, and the File Name. But the RCX-2 also has the ability measure the Barometric Pressure. It will display this on each picture taken as well.

The RCX-2 also supports the Auto Sensitivity Adjustment. So you really don’t need to worry about changing the camera’s sensitivity level to offset the ambient temperatures of the different seasons.
During the hotter summer days, the camera will automatically adjust to a higher sensitivity setting, because the heat from a deer’s body is more difficult to detect when the ambient air temperature is higher. In the Winter, the RCX-2 will automatically reduce the sensitivity to keep from picking up pictures of small game animals. Their body heat is more easily detected by the sensor when the air temperature is low. It will adjust to a more sensitive or less sensitive setting to meet the current conditions.
You do have the ability to over-ride the automatic setting if you wish. You can manually select from a Super High, High, Medium, or Low setting.

Time Lapse Mode
The RCX-2 trail camera has a time lapse video mode too. It will automatically take a picture at predefined intervals. This will allow you to capture pictures of game that may be beyond the detection range of the passive infrared sensor.
Gun and muzzleloader hunters love this feature, because it can allow them to monitor activity in a large field where they can shoot at long ranges. Bow hunters love this feature, because it allows them to see the exact paths that deer are following through their hunting area. This allows them to fine-tune their stand placement to ensure a good shot.

External Power
The RCX-2 kit includes a cable for connecting to an external 12 volt battery. So you can use a car or motorcycle battery for long term operation in the field.
This is a very cost effective solution, when you consider that motorcycle batteries can be picked up for around $20.00. A couple of sets of lithium AA batteries will pay for a 12 volt battery pretty quickly, helping you to lower the overall cost of operating your game camera.

Best Place to Buy Leupold RCX-2 Trail Camera
The best place I have found to buy the RCX-2 is (one again) from Amazon. While prices fluctuate on their products, I have currently found the RCX-2 Complete Kit on sale for about $85.00 off of the list price.
They currently have it offered for under $330.00, which includes the RCX-2 camera, the Controller, and the Lock-Down Security Bracket.
Prices are always changing though, so check the link to see what kind of deal is being offered on the Leupold RCX-2 Trail Camera now.