PlotWatcher Game Camera Review

PlotWatcher Game Camera The Plot Watcher TLV (Time-Lapse Video) game camera is an innovative idea from the guys over at Day 6 Outdoors. From the moment you see it, you’ll know there’s something different about this scouting camera. The thin, almost egg-shaped design of this cam makes it stand out from other game cameras, but the differences are not just cosmetic... they are functional.
A typical game camera uses a passive infrared sensor to detect the movement of your game as it passes within the range of the PIR. Once the game is detected, the typical game camera then fires off pictures or video. If a deer passes just outside the range of your sensor, a traditional game camera would not be activated, and you would have never known that deer was in the area.
The Plot Watcher uses a whole new concept for monitoring game. It is configured to always be taking high definition images at specified intervals between dusk and dawn. It doesn’t matter how far away the game is, so a sensor never comes into play. If your game is within view of the Plot Watcher TLV, you will capture an image of it. This is a new concept in scouting that’s as good as sitting in the stand and scouting the area with your own eyes (without the lost time of actually doing so).
The images are captured at either 5 or 10 second intervals. You have the option of setting this scouting camera limit its hours of operation by using the mid-day skip settings. It can run all day long, skip 4 hours of operation during mid-day, or skip 8 hours of operation during mid-day. Mid-day skip will start 4 hours after day break, and will last for either of the duration settings you have selected. This setting is ideal for reducing the number of images and saving battery life during times of the year where daytime deer activity is minimal, like during the warmer months.
OK, so at this point you are probably asking why you would want a game camera that takes pictures all the time, even if there is no game in front of it. It seems like you could waste a lot of time sorting through pictures with no activity, only to occasionally see a deer in the frame, right? Well, that’s where this gets interesting. The Plot Watcher will create a high definition video and a day’s worth of pictures at 5 or 10 second intervals will produce a video that is only 10 minutes in length. If it still sounds like you would be spending too much time reviewing the videos, you can use the (included) Day 6 Outdoors GameFinder Video Player with MotionSearch. This compares the images as you play them back to detect changes in the images (for example, a deer entering the frame). If a change is detected, it indicates motion, and will stop at that frame. You can then step through the high definition images one by one for closer analysis, and after the game leaves the frame, you can use the MotionSearch to skip to the next movement detected.
I was pretty quickly sold on this concept after thinking of the practical applications for the Plot Watcher TLV.
Think for a second about tree stand or blind placement. A typical bowhunter scouting an area looks for trails, tracks, and other deer sign in an effort to place a stand in a location that will present him with a good shooting opportunity. Well, what if you had the opportunity to monitor the deer movement in an area over a 7 day period, and see exactly where and when their movement occurs. Do you think you could fine tune your stand placement to maximize your shooting opportunities? You bet you can!
Next, think about a gun or muzzleloader hunter that is trying to determine if it is worth hunting a certain field. Most of the game cameras on the market have maximum detection ranges of 60 feet, so they will most likely never have their sensors triggered to capture images of the activity occurring in that field. The Plot Watcher solves that problem by capturing wide-angle high definition images of that field.
This camera is simple to operate with a single dial to select the time lapse setting. Just hang the cam, plug in a USB-style thumb drive, and turn it on. Powered by 4 AA batteries, you will cover more than 84 hours of daytime activity.
Yes, there are other game cameras on the market that offer a surveillance or food plot mode, but no other company has developed this concept to the degree that Day 6 Outdoors has with the Plot Watcher. Coupled with the GameFinder Video Player, Day 6 Outdoors has provided an integrated solution that takes scouting to a whole new level.
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