Primos Trail Cameras

Primos TRUTH Cam Reviews

I’ve always been fond of the line of outdoor products produced by Primos, and was first introduced to their line of game calls back in the 1990’s. So I was excited to hear that Primos was entering the scouting camera market this year. Their line of Truth Cam trail cameras have a low barrier to entry with price points that range from approximately $120 - $280. This line of game cameras includes the Truth Cam 35, the Truth Cam 46, the Truth Cam 60, and the Truth Cam X.
Primos has made an effort to stand out in the increasingly competitive game camera market by offering cameras that are feature rich with a lot of power, yet easy to configure and use.
All of the Truth Cam scouting cameras shoot images or video. They have a trigger time that is less than 1.5 seconds when coming out of sleep mode, and .3 seconds when not in sleep mode. You will find all of the standard features that you would expect to find in a game camera, all packed in a pleasing design.

Primos Truth Cam Ultra Blackout

Primos Truth Cam Ultra Blackout Review

If you have always hated the glow of the infrared LEDs found on most IR game cameras today, then you need to take a closer look at the new Primos Truth Cam Ultra Blackout. This scouting camera is packed with features, but small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. It is priced a little more than most of the 'cheap' game cameras out there, but less than a lot of the other brands.

Primos Truth Cam 35

Primos Truth Cam 35 Review

The Truth Cam 35 (Model No. 63010) is at the low end of Primos game camera line, but it’s not short on capability. The 35 infrared LEDs give the TRUTH Cam 35 it's name, and it is the most affordable game camera in the lineup.

Primos Truth Cam 46

Primos Truth Cam 46 Review

The Truth Cam 46 (Model No. 63020) has 46 LEDs, giving you a 50 foot infrared flash range. With 5 megapixel daytime images and 3.1 megapixel nighttime images, this scouting camera is worth a close look for under $149.00.

Primos Truth Cam 60

Primos Truth Cam 60 Review

The Truth Cam 60 (Model No. 63030) has 60 LEDs, giving you an impressive 60 foot nighttime range. The 7 megapixel daytime images and 5 megapixel nighttime images give your images enhanced detail.

Primos Truth Cam X

Primos Truth Cam X Review

The Truth Cam X (Model No. 63040) is at the high end of Primos game camera line. The 62 LEDs can reach out to 65 feet at night. This is a 7 megapixel camera offering impressive images and video.

Primos Pivoting Mount

Primos Pivoting Mount Review

The Primos Pivoting Mount (Model No. 63090) is a handy optional accessory that is compatible with all of the TRUTH Cam scouting cameras. Mount your game camera and get the perfect angle every time.