Wildgame Innovations Micro 6 Red

Wildgame Innovations Micro 6 RedWildgame Innovations W6X - Micro 6 Red

We recently started our testing of the new Wildgame Innovations Micro 6 Red, model W6X.  This is another one of the small form factor digital game cameras that seems to be the big trend.  So far, the testing has gone well, and it provides some very high quality images.  But there are a few negatives...

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Infrared Flash and Detection Range

This is a 6.0 megapixel infrared digital game camera.  It has 30 high intensity infrared LEDs that allow it to capture both images and videos in pure darkness without the use of a strobe flash.  The infrared flash has a range of approximately 50 feet.  The subjects at 50 feet were a little dark, but good enough.  Now the passive infrared sensor is rated to detect game at up to 60 feet.  So you may bump into a scenario where the camera gets triggered by game on the far end of the detection range, and you end up with dark pictures at that distance.  In our testing, we were able to get the sensor to trigger out 55 feet.

Image Resolution

There are 3 quality modes on the W6X, High, Medium, and Low.  The high quality gives you 6 MP images.  Medium quality gives you 4 MP images.  Low quality gives you 2 MP images.  The low quality is still 1600 x 1200 pixels, which shows great detail, so I have a hard time referring to this a low quality in comparison to some of the images we have seen off of the 1.3 MP cameras.  With memory cards being as cheap as they are now, and offering high capacities (this camera accepts up to a 16 GB SD card), I’d recommend shooting in high quality so you get the best detail.  It really helps when you want to zoom in and study the details on that big rack!

Video Capability

The Micro 6 Red also shoots videos by day or night.  They are in .AVI format and in 30 second lengths.  I am a big fan of video so I was happy to see that it provided decent quality.  There was a little bit of chop in some of the videos, but nothing that would make me send this camera back.  When importing the videos into a video editor, I noted that they were recorded at 25 frames per second instead of the more typical 30 frames per second.  All in all, the video quality was very good.

Image Quality

The image quality was pretty impressive for most pictures and videos.  The infrared black and white images were very crisp, offering great detail.  The color day time images were very vivid.  I did on occasion encounter some blur during the night time images for game that was on the move.  It seems that the camera shutter is staying open too long.
Wildgame Innovations Blur
I did encounter some issues with ‘image washout’ during the transition periods from daytime and darkness.  This may be a timing issue with when the infrared sensor is kicking in.  During this timeframe, both images and videos experience the problem with most details being washed out.  Once this period passes though, the image quality is good.
Wildgame Innovations Washout
I experienced occasional washout between 7:59 am - 8:58 am in the morning, and around 6:54 pm - 7:10 pm in the evening.  I can understand some washout in the morning, as the camera is pointed in the direction of the sunrise.  What I can’t understand is the washout in the evening hours, as the camera is pointed in the exact opposite direction of the sunset.  This is what makes me think there is an issue with the transitional periods between normal picture mode and infrared mode.
I hope that Wildgame Innovations will fix this issue, because this is the biggest drawback in an otherwise excellent game camera.
I did contact Wildgame Innovations Support about the issue.  They stated that it sounded like the camera was essentially flashing when it shouldn’t be, and they recommended a replacement of the camera.  I inquired about firmware updates for this model, and was told that there are no firmware updates and that the camera did not have an updatable firmware.  To their credit, they have always been very good about offering up camera replacements for any issues.
For the most part though, the images from this game camera were sharp, crisp, and showed great color and detail.

Wildgame Innovations Sample Image

Wildgame Innovations Sample Image

The infrared images also provided crisp detail.  At the 6 Megapixel resolution, the 2,816 x 2,112 pixel images allow you to zoom in and study the details of your image.

Wildgame Innovations Sample Infrared Image

Wildgame Innovations Sample Infrared Image

Powering the W6X

This scouting camera is powered by 8 AA-cell alkaline batteries, just like most other small form factor cameras in its class.  You should see 4 to 6 weeks of service on those 8 x AA batteries.  This camera is capable of accepting a 6 volt external power source though.  This is something that you may with to consider if you are placing the camera in a remote area that is not frequently accessed.  You must use the Wildgame Innovations 6 Volt External Battery Pack (EBX) though.

Programming the Micro 6 Red

It has a large 2 inch wide external display that shows all of the camera’s settings.  It is back-lit in blue when in use and easy to see.  There is a sequence of three buttons on the bottom of the camera that are used to program the options.  There is essentially a left and right button used to scroll through the options, and a center “select” button used to choose the options.
I really like the fact that you can easily see all of the camera’s settings at a glance on this single LCD screen.  No scrolling through options is required.
What I don’t like is the positioning of the buttons.  If you have the camera attached to the tree, you pretty much need to use the buttons by feel.  They are located directly on the bottom of the camera, inside the latch-able door.  I find myself dropping to one knee to change the options if it is mounted to the tree, because the buttons are more accessible and the LCD is then at eye level.

Mounting the Camera

WGI includes two bungee cords with small hooks for mounting the camera to a tree.  These bungee cords seem smaller that what I received with other cameras, like the Wildgame Innovations X6C.  So you may not be able to mount this camera to larger trees.  Consider carrying an extra set of longer bungee cables with you, just incase that perfect tree is too large of a diameter.  There are slots on all four corners of the camera housing to accept the hooks from the bungee cords.  The back of the camera housing is also dimpled to allow a firm mount to the tree.


All in all, the Micro 6 Red is a pretty decent camera (considering where it is priced).  The image and video quality is good for both infrared and daytime shots.  If it weren’t for the issue with some pictures being washed out, I’d highly recommend this camera.  Unfortunately, it occurs at a time when the deer movement is typically high.  If you get one that does not have this issue, then I think you would be in great shape.  Otherwise, I’d recommend swapping out the camera for another.
My only other complaint about this camera would be the lack of physical security options.  There is no lock hole for securing the camera.  If game camera theft is a concern, then you need to have a security lock box for the W6X.  This problem isn’t unique for the small form factor game cameras that have gained recent popularity though.  They are all difficult to secure without the use of a lock box of some type.  I like the image quality and will be keeping this one in my game camera arsenal.

Lowest Price on the Wildgame Innovations Micro 6 Red

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