Wildgame Innovations X6C Dark Videos

X6C Dark Videos


I've been trying to test the Wildgame Innovations X6C game camera over the last few weeks, and have struggled to find a camera that is functioning properly.  I may have a solution to the dark video issues.

The first X6C I got had some really grainy video.  Not what I would expect out of a 6.0 MP camera.  I contacted Wildgame Innovations support, and they were very helpful.  After describing the problems, the girl stated that the camera must have a malfunction, and recommended I return it for a new one.  So I took the trip back to Dicks Sporting Goods, and did an even trade out for a new one.

The second X6C that I got had some great daytime images and videos.  I was pretty impressed with the clarity and detail.  I saw an issue when I started reviewing the infrared videos that were taken at night.  They were completely dark, showing no images at all.  So I headed to a different Dicks Sporting Goods store to swap this one out.

I went to a different store to swap this camera out this time, thinking that the original store may have received a bad shipment, and that another store would have a different batch of cameras that hopefully wouldn't have this issue.  I was a little disappointed, when this third scouting camera exhibited the same issues.  Daytime pictures and video were just fine, the night time infrared images were completely dark.  No detail was in the images at all, not even from the numerous trees that are in this area.  So I placed another phone call to Wildgame Innovations this morning.

I explained the issues and the technician was very helpful.  He had me go through the following process to completely reset the X6C's electronics.

  1. Remove the memory card.
  2. Remove all of the batteries.
  3. Press and hold the reset button for at least 7 seconds.
  4. Reinstall the batteries.
  5. Press and hold the reset button again for at least 7 seconds.

After going through these steps, I did some inside testing in a dark closet, and the infrared videos looked fine.  The camera is back in the woods and set for a night time only operation setting.  I am going to monitor this issue over the next few days and pull the memory card to see if the quality is better.  If not, then this camera is going back.  I've given them enough chances on this; more than I've given some other game camera manufacturers.

I really hope this resolves the issue, because I have heard a lot of good about this game camera.  I've heard the infrared images are excellent and show great detail.  I just haven't seen it yet, because I haven't gotten a model that I feel is working well.

More to come...

Do you have an X6C, and have you experienced similar issues?  Please comment and let me know your experiences with this game camera.

7 Responses to “Wildgame Innovations X6C Dark Videos”

  1. tom tompkins says:

    movies and pics are good.left camera in the yard and got 6.5gigs of wind blowing the moss. straight on trigger response [walking towards or straight away] is a little slow. crossing the line of sight trigger response is really good. still have mixed feelings about this camera

  2. Bob says:

    My camera blacks out the night photos when the temp goes below 45 degrees F not sure why some people have photos under 32 degrees but they said its a battery issue and mine has 4 out of 5 bars

  3. steve dutton says:

    Thanks for the tip on how to reset the Wild Game Cameras. I have a Wild Game D-6 and was having the same problems with th night pictures, done the reset, everything works great now. Great pics in infrared. I agree tho trigger speed slow. Thank You sooo very much. I was considering trashing this camera and going with something else but now it works great!

    You just saved me a lot of money and I will be forever grateful.

  4. Nicole says:

    Im going to try this on my wild game camera also, me and the bf are both having problems with ours taking pictures. It says that there r pictures on the memory card but my computer says there are none on it and I think after the couple days I had it out when it took like almost 1000 pictures it really must have drained the batteries even though it says it has all but one bar of life left. Hopefully this will work if I can find the reset button.

  5. Billy Reddy says:

    Thank you so much! You Rock! This solved my problems with dark pictures. I really appreciate it.

  6. Andy says:

    I’ve tried about every camera WGI makes and also have Moultrie and Tasco. The WGI IR4 and X6C are the best cameras I have tried. With all of them when trying to use dry cell batteries, I have had black night pictures mostly I believe because dry cell batteries are sometimes no good even when new and when they get low they will often power the camera and not the IR or Flash which just takes pictures of the dark.
    If I can’t hook it to external 6v recgargeables I put it in my crappy camera stack and not in the woods. I did find a way to couple two 6v batteries to use for power for my moultrie D50 or it would be in the stack too. It uses 6 D cell batteries which is too expensive but works better by using two 6v rechargeables as remote power. The picture quality isn’t as good as the WGI in my opinion. Even the WGI IR2 take better day photos although not as much range at night as the IR4 or C6X. I can’t recommend the WGI S2 for anything but close range stills but for the price they do ok too as long as you use the good batteries and they have a port for the 6v rechargeables so I’m good.

  7. Robert Guest says:

    I am a very happy photographer with the comments you provided for this dark problem. The first time i tried it, it didn’t work. Then I replaced the batteries that I knew were low and tried it again, and this time it worked.

    Thank you very much:>)

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