Wildview Bubba Cam TGLBC1

Wildview Bubba Cam

Wildview Bubba Cam

Looking for a really low cost digital game camera?  I mean really low cost?

Then check out the Wildview Bubba Cam, model TGLBC1.  This 1.3 megapixel digital game camera lists for around $59.00, but can often be had for less.  The camera is basic, and doesn't have many bells and whistles, but that is what makes it an easy to use camera.  Wildview claims that this is the most user friendly scouting camera on the market.

The TGLBC1 has 8 MB of built in memory, but can accept optional SDRAM memory cards up to 2 GB in size.  The flash reaches out to 30 feet.  The Bubba Cam supports Time and Date stamping on each image.  It doesn't shoot videos, but it has a pre-set 3 picture burst mode.  This Wildview also has one minute timeout settings, a test mode for positioning your camera, and a low battery indicator.  It is powered by 4 C-cell batteries.  You get a mounting strap for attaching the camera to a tree, and the camera will accept a lock and security cable to deter theft.

So if you are looking for a simple to use camera, or need to purchase several cameras on a tight budget, the Wildview Bubba Cam just might be the camera for you.

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