Wildview Game Cameras get a New Look

Wildview Game Cameras are a great entry level option for the game camera enthusiast.  While they may not have all the bells and whistles of the higher end digital game cameras, they offer great functionality at a low cost.  Wildview game cameras are pretty basic for the most part.  I like that they have infared offerings now, but you won't find a lot of special features in their trail cameras.  That is part of what is attractive about them, simplicity.  They are easy to operate, because there are very few features that you need to be concerned with configuring.

What isn't very attractive about Wildview Game Cameras is their look.  They come in just a drab green color.  Now a game camera isn't supposed to be 'pretty', but that solid green square box strapped to the tree can be easy to see.  I'm a big fan of both concealing, and securing my game cameras in the wild.  A theft of my first game camera taught me that lesson very quickly.  Well, Wildview has come up with a great inexpensive solution with their Camo Adhesive Decal.  This decal has a Realtree Hardwoods Green pattern to it, helping to conceal your game camera.  It is made from a long lasting 3M adhesive, that is non-reflective.  They claim that the pattern will not fade, even under extreme weather conditions.  It is a very cost effective solution offered by Wildview at less than $12.00.

You can also find them on sale here:  wildview decal

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