Wildview Xtreme2 TGL2M Digital Game Camera

Wildview TGL2M

Wildview TGL2M

The Wildview Xtreme2 Digital Game camera is another low cost offering from Wildview.  The "2" stands for 2.0 Megapixel.  This digital scouting camera is designed for ease of use, and has a series of switches that are used for easily configuring the settings.

The passive infared sensor offers wide angle coverage.  It comes with the same test mode setting that allows you to verify both placement and coverage area.  This camera does use a flash, and has a switch that allows it to be set in On or Off position.  It will shoot multiple pictures in its Burst Mode, but is also capable of shooting daytime video.  You have the option of taking Low Res images, High Res images, or Video clips.  The front of the camera has an LCD readout that displays the number of pictures taken.  It also has both Test Mode and Low Battery LEDs on the front panel.  You have your choice of 4 different timeout settings, so you won't end up with a memory card full of images of the same animal.  You also have the option of connecting a 12 volt lead acid battery to the external power jack for extended life in the field.

The pictures are stored on SDRAM memory cards, and the Xtreme2 accepts memory cards ranging from 16 MB to 2 GB.  The TGL2M does contain 16 MB of internal memory, but you can't store much on it, so I highly recommend using larger capacity SDRAM memory cards.  While the size of the images may vary depending upon the conditions, you can get approximately 6,500 images on a 2 GB memory card when shooting in Low Resolution mode.  To get your pictures off the camera, you can either pull the memory card and insert it in a USB card reader connected to your computer, or you can attach the camera directly to your PC with the included USB cable.  So if you are in the market for a cheap camera, check out the Wildview Xtreme2.

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